Turbobit Premium – fast and convenient file sharing service

Turbobit is a cloud file storage service. In addition, the service helps to exchange data, such as files or documents. With the help of the service, you can not only upload, but also download the necessary files. Users can send links to other users, and data is exchanged there. The main advantage of Turbobit is that all data is stored securely, and users can be sure of the security of files. The service has modern security measures, and the user can choose in the settings who will be able to access the information.

Turbobit premium account is an opportunity to get an unlimited amount of memory, and in addition, high download speed. Users only need to go through the registration procedure and pay for a Premium Turbobit account, and get access to unlimited features. The service is not only easy to use, but also completely safe. In addition, users can earn with the help of rewards. If users download files from your link, you can get passive income. For every thousand downloads, a user can earn income. The amount depends on the selected tariff.

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Advantages of Turbobit Premium account

  • Data exchange is fast. The optimal upload and download speed is 1Gb/s;
  • An unlimited amount of data and information can be stored in the Turbobit Premium account, so users do not need to use additional services and overpay money;
  • If the upload has been paused, it can be resumed quickly;
  • Popular upload managers such as GoZilla and Google File Download Manager can be integrated with the platform in order to work comprehensively;
  • Users can earn money through rewards. Users receive income for downloading from their link. $25 for every 1,000 downloads;
  • The program is available to users all over the world, so you can work with foreign colleagues;
  • The payment details of your turbobit premium account are completely private and encrypted;
  • The support service of the platform works quickly and helps to solve all technical problems.

Turbobit Premium – fast and convenient file sharing service

How to download in premium turbobit

Users who have purchased a Turbobit account premium are able to get the most out of the service. The download speed will be as high as possible, which means that you will not have to spend a lot of time working. But the speed may vary depending on the capabilities of the provider. If there are no restrictions, the download speed can reach up to 1 GB/s.

One of the main advantages of the premium account, that unviable for turbobit free, is that files can be saved on the account after the last download for 60 days.

Turbobit Free or Premium account helps you work with large files, or work using the sharing function.
Nothing will interfere with the work, since there are no ads for premium subscribers. Advertising can not only distract from work, but will also reduce the speed of uploading and downloading files.

Security measures work for the system that can protect data from outside interference. Malware or viruses will not be able to damage files. The user can store any information, even the most secret.

Users should choose a Turbobit premium account, as they are offered five different tariff plans on the platform. Customers can choose the best option depending on the requirements and conditions. The price for each period is different, but it should be noticed that the longer the period, the more profitable the tariff and the savings become greater.

You can get a refund for a Turbobit premium account if you have a reasonable cause. It should be requested in the first 30 days after purchase.

Users can use the service options for free, but the download speed is several times less. In addition, ads appear and the downloads cannot be continuous.

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Is it possible to earn money on a Turbobit premium account?

The creators of the platform have included an additional feature with which you can earn money. The income is passive, and therefore you do not need to spend a lot of time and effort. The revenue comes from the fact that people download user’s files. Turbobit has partnership with CostAction to create an affiliate program on a long-term basis. The team of the file sharing service presents a turbobit premium code regularly.

Users can earn 60% of the purchase amount on your content. As well as 40% of all subsequent purchases made by your customers (for rebills). Download Rate: Get up to $25 for every 1000 downloads of your files. The reward depends on the file size and the client’s country. Mixed tariff: Up to 40% of all sales + up to $7 per 1000 downloads.

How to start working in Turbobit?

Users can use turbo access free from any device that is most convenient. At work or at home, you can use a personal computer to upload or download data. But you can also work on the way to your job or on a walk, and for this you can use the mobile version of the service.
The computer version is more convenient because the format is wider and the user can see all the possibilities. Turbobit download manager is handly and easily for regular work.

Also, user can activate the add-on plan with turbo access, if he wants so, and save money for future payments by discount.

How does Turbobit registration work?

Registration is a simple process that opens access to all the features of the platform. And there is no need to worry, because it will only take a couple of minutes to register. In the upper right part of the main page of the official website, you can see an orange button. By clicking on the button, the user goes to the registration menu.

The user will see a form that needs to be filled in with personal data. At the same time, you should specify your email address and password. After entering all the data, the site will automatically switch to the file storage, and you can immediately start working.
There are three folders in the registered account that have already been created and do not need to be configured. In one folder there are incoming messages, where the main files of the user are sent. In addition, there is an additional place where you can store deleted files or files that have been blocked because they violate the rules of the Turbobit service.


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So, how do I get turbo access?

When the user has successfully completed the registration procedure, he can choose a Turbobit premium account or free version by selecting the desired tariff.

If it is more convenient for the user, then you can download a desktop application. The program can function on a personal computer with a Windows operating system.

Turbobit Uploader is a modern desktop application for Windows. In the program, users can upload data with a single click on the mouse. Advantages of the program:

  • If the connection fails, the upload will not stop and the work will not be interrupted:
  • The fastest server for upload is selected automatically.

What is Turbobit

What is Turbobit and how it works

Turbobit is a service that works as a cloud storage. Plus, users can download data. Uploading can be as simple as dragging or clicking a button and then placing the file on your device. If you wonder is turbobit safe, the answer is yes. The website has its own privacy and safety terms that protect user from any problems. The user just shouldn’t loss turbobit premium username and password.

Users can delete files as usual. But the platform has rules on the content of files. If the data contains information that is prohibited in the program, the files are deleted. If user is not registered as turbobit premium member, he receives link for deleting file by email.
Turbobit.net premium account works with extremely large files. The developers of the service have redoubled their efforts to ensure confidentiality and data protection. The data is absolutely confidential, and the user’s personal information is encrypted.

Users can contact the support service via Skype or through the ticket system. Representatives of the support service will help solve all technical problems.


Turbobit is one of the greatest file sharing services. The download speed is really high, and the use is convenient. And a Turbobit premium account is the most fast and profitable option when you can work with huge files quickly. Another advantage of the Turbo access is that you can earn extra money when users download your files. The developers of the service constantly improve the platform to make it even more comfortable for each user.

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