Struggling with debrid/leech services

We have received many complaints and requests from our partners. The fact is that some services bought premium access and used it for sites like debrid or leech. Thus, it had a very bad effect on the statistics, development, and earnings of our service in general and our partners. It was decided to start a fight with such services to get rid of the problem at least partially.
The obvious solution was to automate the search for such resources and then manually block them. This helped, but not for long. Unfortunately, unscrupulous services can quickly find loopholes. Their number has increased significantly and it has become difficult to fight them alone while providing a high level of quality of our services.

And many have not stayed away. There were enough people willing to help us in this difficult struggle. Together with our supporters, we have achieved significant results.
For everyone who is ready to spend their time, our service provides paid access to any of our file exchange resources. Together with our support team and thanks to your prompt actions we carefully monitor all links on these resources and check for blocked premium accounts. Over a thousand Turbobit and Hitfile premium accounts that have been used in violation of our rules have already been blocked.
Right now you can notice significant improvements in our service. The qualitative improvement in traffic has been positively evaluated by our customers and partners.
Of course, the problem is not completely solved. We still have a lot of efforts to be made but the threats to traffic quality have not disappeared. We hope for your help in the future. We are ready to provide everything you need and are open to requests and suggestions. Your engagement in this fight is very important to us and invaluable.

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